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Audi: Premium version of the VW BlueSport Concept in the works

Audi seems to be working on a premium version of the VW BlueSport Concept.

It should come as no surprise that Audi is working on its own version of the Volkswagen Concept Bluesport, and according to Automotive News, the design has already been completed.

In the lead-up to the Bluesport’s unveiling, rumors (and simple logic) said that in order for Volkswagen to make the mid-engine roadster financial viable, the platform and all its associated underpinnings would have to be distributed across several models. A senior VW group exec told AN, “To make a strong business case for the new roadster, we need to share the investment with at least three brands.” In addition to VW, one of those brands is Audi and the other is almost assuredly Porsche.

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Source: Autoblog