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Audi Q5: First driving report

Audi Q5
We found another nice first driving report with the Audi Q5.

The upside of $4-a-gallon gasoline is that gargantuan vehicles aren’t making sense to most shoppers anymore. Audi happens to have a perfect solution in its newest SUV, the Q5. Initially, this smaller luxury SUV will be powered by Audi’s direct injection 270hp 3.2-liter V6. It proves more than powerful enough to move around the Q5 either on or off-road. The U.S. market will only see a six-speed torque converter automatic, but how many people would really buy one of these with a manual anyway? Certainly not me. All vehicles will also come equipped with Quattro all-wheel drive, making it truly capable in any condition.

The interior is almost too nice to put kids in anyway. The dash is typical Audi brilliance. Nothing gaudy or garish, just well laid out and nicely built. The euro-dollar exchange rate is beginning to show a little bit on the thickness of some of the pieces, but unless you’re a true dash-stroking car geek (like me) you will be hard pressed to notice. Audi’s interiors are still superior to just about anything currently in mass production. The seats are supportive, the steering wheel is the best in the business and it’s all lit with a giant panoramic glass roof.

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Source: European Car Web