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Audi R8: Top Winner of Automobile All Stars

Audi R8
The Audi R8 has outranked the competition and scored the “top winner” in Automobile Magazines 2008 All Stars competition. Great!

AUTOMOBILE Magazine, one of America’s leading automotive lifestyle publications, recently announced the winners of its 2009 AUTOMOBILE Magazine All-Stars Awards.

Each year, the editors of AUTOMOBILE Magazine convene to test, evaluate, and debate the performance, significance, and pure enthusiast appeal of the cars that make the biggest impact. Award winners will be featured in the February issue of AUTOMOBILE Magazine.

Audi R8: AUTOMOBILE Magazine calls the R8 the kind of iconic sports car that comes around once or twice a decade. Dramatic inside and out, the R8 is wide, low, and purposeful-it is a luxury grand tourer as much as it is a pure sports car.

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Source: Jacksonville.com, picture by Audi