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Audi S5: Extended driving report

Audi S5
We found a very nice, extended driving report with the Audi S5. Make sure to read!

From the moment our S5 arrived, we’ve constantly been reminded what a great car it is. Sure, we already loved the S5 – that it was tailor-painted to our preference by Audi Exclusive only augmented that – but we were honestly surprised at how much of a reaction it receives out and about.

On the road it gets nods of approval from more than just overly exuberant Audi owners; comments at stoplights or in parking lots happen too often to count. The S5 has been available in the U.S. for nearly a year now, but its charismatic design hasn’t yet become passé in the eyes of the automotive aware. That supply of S5s to American dealers has been considerably inadequate supports our theory of this car’s popularity.

Day-to-day driving in the S5 has also given us a newfound level of respect for the refinement of the car’s B8 MLB chassis. Noise levels at speed are low and there’s no hint of vibration or rattles, but one confounding local piece of pavement speaks the most about the abuse the car can take. We’ve hit this particular recessed manhole cover more times than we care to admit and we’re not the only ones. Either a municipal worker with a sense of humor or a vigilante-cum-vandal painted the word ‘OUCH’ with an arrow on the far side of the cover so it’s clearly seen as you approach. We haven’t hit it by accident since, but that avenue’s imperfection has become a staple in testing a car’s refinement.

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Source: Fourtitude