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Bentley Continental GTC Speed: Live pictures from Detroit Auto Show

Bentley Continental GTC Speed
Here are some live pictures of the new Bentley Continental GTC Speed from the Detroit Auto Show.

Like other Speed-spec Continentals, the GTC Speed gives only subtle clues to its 600-horsepower W12. Up front, there’s an updated front end with a more sinister (and slightly more upright) front grille, along with a more assertive air dam.

Even static on Bentley’s hardwood, it’s easy to see that the GTC Speed benefits from a lowered ride height that gives away the car’s tighter suspension, as do its wider wheels and tires (which also help conceal gigantic carbon-ceramic brakes if they are so specified).

Sixty mph arrives in just 4.5 seconds, and if there’s a more graceful way to muss your coif at 195 mph, we have yet to find it.

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Source: Autoblog