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Bentley Continental GTC Speed: More info

Bentley Continental GTC Speed
Here’s more info about the gorgeous Bentley Continental GTC Speed.

Suspension enhancements include wider, stickier tires, stiffer bushings, and dampening control tuned for a firmer, more responsive ride. Bentley’s massive carbon-ceramic brakes (16.5-inch front rotors) are optional on all GTCs. Bentley says it did not need to make any changes to the structure, as the standard GTC already has an “exceptionally rigid” body.

All GTCs receive a slight exterior update, namely in the form of a slightly more vertical, squared-off grill, which provides a more distinctive profile while allowing increased airflow to the beefed up W-12. GTC Speed owners will be able to distinguish their ride from those of lesser millionaires thanks to a tinted grill, a chin spoiler, wider tailpipes, and standard 20-inch wheels. There’s also a subtle deck lid spoiler to provide downforce at crazier speeds. Inside, the GTC Speed has diamond-quilted hide seats, drilled-alloy pedals, and of course, some classy badges.

Bentley has not released pricing yet, but one can expect it to come in at about $225,000 – about $25,000 more than a plain-Jane GTC.

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Source: Automobile Mag