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Lamborghini Reventon: Found for sale in Silicon Valley

Lamborghini Reventon
A Lamborghini Reventon is up for sale!

For those who’ve forgotten already, the Reventon was a special rebodied version of Lamborghini’s flagship Murcielago supercar. It was named after a famous matador-killing fighting bull, painted any color the customer wanted (as long as it was grey – Grigio Reventon to be specific), treated to the very best the company had to offer and slapped with such a mark-up it’d leave a handprint on your face. But even with such a gargantuan sticker price, buyers knew it was bound to become an instant collectors’ item. Case in point: this example, originally purchased eight months ago in St. Louis, has only 73 miles on the odometer, which we think is criminal.

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Source: Autoblog