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Porsche Boxster S: Road test report by TopGear

Porsche Boxster S
Nice road test report here by TopGear with the Porsche Boxster S.

The ’09 Boxster is in every way better than the ’08 car – it looks, handles, stops and goes better than ever before.

A PDK-equipped Boxster S is faster-accelerating and uses less fuel (largely because of its tall seventh gear) than the six-speed manual car, almost regardless of who is pushing the pedals.

That’s two reasons to spec the nearly £2k option, but there are two more: Launch Control and, if you spec the even more expensive Sports Chrono Package Plus, a Sport Plus button. Both are useful if you haven’t got the skill to launch or change gears properly yourself. To engage Launch Control, you just mash the throttle and brake pedals then sidestep the brake when the tacho needle hits the red line. Keep your foot down, and five seconds later you’ll hit 60mph.

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Source: TopGear