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Porsche Cayenne: Diesel production started in Leipzig plant

Porsche Cayenne Diesel
Porsche has finally started the production of the Porsche Cayenne Diesel in their Leipzig plant.

The new engine will develop a peak output of 240hp (179kW), and Porsche is expected to produce up to 15,000 diesel Cayennes annually. Production is now underway, with the first cars confirmed to hit European streets in February, 2009. Initial reports speculated that the diesel Cayenne was originally scheduled to be launched in January but was pushed back so it wouldn’t coincide with the introduction of the recently unveiled facelifted Boxster. The February launch date should give both cars room to breathe, however.

Porsche says its new diesel Cayenne achieves a fuel consumption rating of 25.3mpg (9.3L/100km) and CO2 emissions of 244g/km, both of which should help improve the carmaker’s carbon footprint and allow the SUV to be registered in lower tax brackets in countries where registration taxes are based on emissions.

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Source: Motor Authority