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Porsche: Electric conversions offered by Florida company

Looking into converting your Porsche into electric? This Florida company might be interesting for you.

For example, an electric Porsche 911 from EvPorsche would complete the 0-60mph sprint in under 5 seconds, however top speed would be limited to around 125mph. With around 1,200lb-ft (1,625Nm) of torque helping the car off the line, the performance is accompanied by zero-emissions and extremely low running costs. The downside, however, is the relatively short range of just 50 miles – one of the key factors still holding back the electric car.

The company specializes in everything Porsche, even going so far as to put Porsche 959 bodies onto 911s, however the company can also perform the conversions for other types of cars, including Rolls-Royce, BMW and Jaguar models. Pricing for an electric Porsche 911 starts at around $48,000, however more exotic models such as Lamborghini Murcielago replicas sitting on Porsche mechanics incur greater expenses.

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Source: Motor Authority