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Porsche Panamera: Debut at Chinese Motor Show in Shanghai

Porsche Panamera
Just a short confirmation that the Porsche Panamera will have its official debut at the Chinese Motor Show in Shanghai in April.

Visitors to the Chinese Motor Show in Shanghai from April 20-29 will be the first to glimpse the production version of the four-door Porsche Panorama, the German sports carmaker’s first luxury saloon.

The new car, which is due to go on sale in early autumn 2009, is a further attempt by the Stuttgart manufacturer to break the mould after the success of its Cayenne sports utility. The marque is known best for the iconic rear-engined 911 sportster.

A range of V6 and V8 engines is likely to be offered for the Panamera with power outputs from 300 to 500 horsepower. The model will debut in normally-aspirated and turbocharged V8 formats using either a six-speed gearbox or a twin-clutch, seven-speed version.

Four-wheel drive is reserved for the top-of-the-range bi-turbo model.

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Source: Drive, picture by Autoblog