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VW BlueSport Concept: Interview with Peter Wouda, head of exterior design

VW BlueSport Concept
We found a very interesting interview with Peter Wouda, head of exterior design for the VW BlueSport Concept. Make sure to read!

What are the defining characteristics of the Concept BlueSport’s design?

The car has a relatively simple architecture – it’s defined by only a few key features such as the prominent wheel arches. Much of the design is horizontal, that is to say there isn’t a significant wedge shape to the profile so it stays connected and parallel to the road.

Does it point the way for the design of other future VW’s?

There are clearly similarities in the front end between the BlueSport and the MK VI Golf, as well as the new Scirroco and the UP! concept. It’s certainly a design language that will be applied across the VW range eventually.

How likely is it to make production?

We would never show a car that didn’t work or wasn’t feasible to produce. However, whether the BlueSport makes it into production or not will depend entirely on the public’s reaction at Detroit – which I hope will be positive!

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Source: Auto Express