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VW Golf: First drive report of 6th generation

VW Golf
We found a first drive report with the new VW Golf. Enjoy!

The new Golf is only slightly shorter, by 5 mm, but wider by 20 mm. Its height and wheelbase remain the same but it appears bigger and more substantial.

The interior, too, was crafted to give the impression that it is a mid-sized car, which will appeal to those moving down to a compact for economic reasons. Certainly, the spaciousness designed into the Golf is a major factor in this. The perception of quality is evident, with soft-touch materials and exceptional fit and finish even on the early production models I drove. Ergonomics are amongst the best in any compact, continuing one of the most compelling features of the previous generation Golf; even taller people can fit comfortably, the front seats are multi-adjustable and very supportive, and all the major controls are where one would like them to be for ease of driving.

Volkswagen put much effort into reducing noise in the Golf, and it has paid off with a feeling of increased refinement. To that end, there is sound-dampening film on the windshield, new seals on the doors, new outside mirror shapes, more sound deadening between the engine and passenger compartments, quieter tires, and new engine bearings.

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Source: Canadian Driver