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Audi A6 3.0T quattro: Driving report

Audi A6 3.0T quattro
Nice driving report here with the Audi A6 3.0T quattro, the car from the SuperBowl ad.

During the first few seconds of acceleration, the engine characteristics feel similar to those of the naturally aspirated 3.2-liter—a touch coarse, but eager to rev. The difference comes as the tachometer slides beyond 2000 rpm, where the engine gains full steam and never seems to back down from its 300 hp and 310 lb-ft peak figures. An official 0-60 mph time of 5.9 seconds—just one-tenth behind the A6 4.2—supports our impressions of this newfound gusto. The best way to experience the new 3.0T is on the highway, though. Like BMW’s 3.0-liter twin-turbo, this engine makes 10-mph speed increment changes feel effortless, as if a firm breeze, not the engine, were responsible. That’s what Audi’s supercharged V6 feels like, too. The blower does miraculous things in terms of refinement; gone is the bit of vibration that happens when you tip into the 3.2-liter’s throttle. Pull a passing maneuver with the 3.0T and you’ll be wondering why anyone might need two more cylinders. Other than the sweet, sweet noises of the 4.2, there’s no real reason to make the step up.

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Source: Fourtitude