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Audi: Interview with chairman Ruper Stadler

Ruper Stadler
We found an interesting interview with Audi’s chairman Rupert Stadler.

CAR: A lot of Audi’s growth has been delivered by new models in the past 10 years. You’ve grown from being a small brand with four or five models a decade ago, now you have 26 models in total. How much bigger can Audi go?

Rupert Stadler: I would say up to 40 models.

CAR: It’s fascincating to see how the Audi brand has been stretched and evolved. Ten years ago, if you proposed an R8 we would be laughing you out of town. But you’ve hit the bullseye first time. Respect is due. But how will you repeat this success at the other end of the market? Doesn’t launching the A1 worry you? Couldn’t it devalue the brand?

Rupert Stadler: First of all, we are very proud about the A1. If we weren’t convinced, we wouldn’t be launching it. We are deeply convinced the A1 will fit the Audi brand, it will perfectly fit to the market requirements. What we see now is that a lot of urban cities need mobility. The young generation need a different type of moblity – they want something much more emotional, more fancy, more premium. If you go to Shanghai or Peking or LA, this could be a gorgeous car for those markets. We are convinced that premium cars in this segment will be successful. People nowadays like to have quality things, they want to touch fine leather, they want to hear good music in their car. Even if it’s a small car…

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Source: Car Magazine