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Audi: Overview of upcoming electric cars!

Audi E1
For everybody who has missed our first overview about Audi’s upcoming E models, here’s a second roundup.

E1, based on the New Small Family (NSF). Audi has been invited to tap the NSF gene pool, but the brand doesn’t want a badge-engineered model, so Audi will get a distinct body and interior.

E2, a sporty mid-engine two-seater. This would be an Audi version of the even more radical VW two-liter car (as in two liters of fuel per 100 km, or 118 mpg). Volkswagen is preparing two closely related, exceptionally frugal halo products that could influence the E2 – the one-liter car (the second coming of the cigar-shaped tandem two-seater first seen in 2002) and the two-liter car (a more conventional design with driver and passenger sitting next to each other).

E3, the proposed A2 revival. Audi is reviving its aluminum-spaceframe A2 hatchback that was sold in Europe from 1999 to 2005 [By Design, page 16]. The new version “should be bigger inside than the A3 and yet more economical than the upcoming A1,” says a source from product planning.

E4, new name and a second chance for the Audi Roadjet. The Roadjet quietly disappeared after its much acclaimed debut at the 2006 Detroit show, but the highly flexible tall-roof concept deserves a second chance as a larger and roomier companion to the E3.

E5, new eco-friendly sports car. We’re talking 2014, so neither the content nor the donor model have been defined. This sporty fuel miser could be based on the A1 or the new mid-engine R-line platform.

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Source: Automobile Magazine