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Audi R8 Blackbird: Feature report

Audi R8 Blackbird
A while ago we reported about the Audi R8 Blackbird, a really awesomely equipped Audi R8. Now we have more detail for you. A must see!

OEM-looking materials were used for a roof-mounted center console that houses a CB radio, many switches, and the controls for the Passport 9500ci radar system. The Passport isn’t your typical stick-on-the-windshield system, either. The 9500ci both detects and, er, “shifts” laser signals, sending an error message back to the source laser gun. It also has a library of red light and speed camera locations built in. For the Blackbird application, the controls are in the overhead console but the display itself is hidden in the glass of the rearview mirror. The system has over 100 parts in all, so it’s rather difficult to squeeze everything cleanly into the car. For the GPS antenna, for example, the rear decklid was disassembled and rebuilt with the antenna hidden inside. Two Garmin navigation units are hard-wired in and mounted on the windshield, while a built-in iPhone monitors speed trap reporting websites. When necessary, a master on/off switch hidden on the emergency brake handle allows the light orgy to go dark in seconds.

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Source: Fourtitude