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Audi S4: Most addicting S4 Audi ever made!

Audi S4
Have a look at this detailed driving report with the new Audi S4, one of our current favorites!

The local chief of police himself just spent 30 minutes warning us about speeding in Mallorca, Spain, and he threatened the most severe consequences with a waving finger. Yet somehow less than an hour later we find the throttle pinned to the floorboard, despite relentless and driving rain. Snicking the lever into fourth gear, an instant wave of torque picks up, uninterrupted, as the whine of a positive displacement supercharger permeates the cabin. This is the most addicting S4 Audi has ever made.

On the topic of new versus old, this S4 does something that previous generations just haven’t. It’s in the way everything is tied together-no single part of the driving experience dominates any other. It’s a quality that’s increasingly rare in modern cars and difficult to describe. Everything seems to work together toward the common goal of producing a smile on the driver’s face. The engine is something we can picture God himself using, yes, but even the steering is good. And that’s saying a lot for an S4. It takes a scant 2.2 turns of the wheel to go from lock to lock, and there’s quite a bit of feedback, too.

Then there’s the shifter. The throws aren’t Neuspeed short, but there’s a level of precision we haven’t previously associated with Audi. It shifts into gear so fluidly you can almost shift as fast as you would have with a shorter, notchier throw anyway.

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Source: European Car Web