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Bentley Arnage: A mighty heart

Bentley Arnage Final Series
Nice review here of the Bentley Arnage Final Series.

Just as we sweep past the apex of the turn, I squeeze the gas pedal. It’s like opening the floodgates of the Hoover Dam: 738 lb-ft of torque momentarily overwhelms the traction control, and 5699 lb of hand-built British luxury sedan starts drifting elegantly through the turn.

I laugh out loud. Dammit, a car this big, this expensive, this…old fashioned, simply shouldn’t be able to do stuff like that. Hustling Bentley’s giant, wood ‘n’ leather-lined Arnage across the twisting, heaving, empty two lanes that make north Wales one of the few remaining drivers’ paradises in traffic-choked, speed camera-obsessed Britain is like watching Steelers’ linebacker James Harrison run that 100 yard touchdown in the Super Bowl all over again: you can’t quite believe it’s possible.

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Source: Motor Trend