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Bentley Continental Flying Spur Speed: Recession is only a state of mind

Bentley Continental Flying Spur Speed
Interesting review here of the Bentley Continental Flying Spur Speed.

Everything is automatic or operated electrically, from the doors that suck themselves closed to the steering wheel that rises to make it easier to get out. Even the rear headrests lower and raise automatically, so as not to obscure vision when the seats are empty.

The central colour screen controls everything from the ventilation to the television (rear screens cost extra) and satellite navigation. The large central knob controls whatever is on the display.

There’s also adaptive cruise control, Bluetooth phone connection, parking sensors and optional seat massagers in the rear, the first of many rear-seat gadgets that in many ways make it the place to be in the Speed.

Climate-control air-conditioning cools the front, while there are separate controls in the rear. Rear passengers also have a luxurious, folding armrest complete with a remote control for the optional Naim sound system.

Real metal is cool to the touch on things like the push-pull vent controls or door handles, while genuine wood is layered throughout. Naturally, you can choose just about any colour combination, right down to 16hues for the piping on the plush leather seats.

Attention to detail hasn’t been lost outside, either, with distinctive LED rear lights and restrained yet classy use of chrome. The Speed also receives styling tweaks to things such as the bumpers and grille to smooth the Flying Spur look.

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Source: Drive