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Bentley Continental Supersports: Extreme Bentley revealed

Bentley Continental Supersports
The extreme Bentley has been revealed and is called the Bentley Continental Supersports. See the features below!

Under the hood is the Supersports’ main event: the most powerful engine Bentley has ever created, it is a 621 brake horsepower, 590 pound-feet of torque, E85-capable W12 that pulls the ghostly looking thing to 60 in just – ready for this? – 3.7 seconds. The engine is fitted with sensors to monitor how much gasoline and/or ethanol is being used, and power and torque stay constant no matter what the ratio is. Speaking of torque, all of it is available at the low, low rpm of 1,750. In case there’s a Polaris rocket in the next lane you need to teach a few lessons.

While that engine might take the title card, there is a massively full undercard as well. That 3.7-second 0-to-60 flip is not only about the engine, it’s about the fact that the car is 110 kilograms lighter than its 4-seater brethren. The Supersports has rear deck where back seats once resided, and it has also scored a raft of weight-saving components like the wheels and those carbon fiber thrones. It also benefits from Quickshift, which halves gear change times.

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Source: Autoblog