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Porsche Boxster S: Review

Porsche Boxster S
Another nice review of the new Porsche Boxster S.

There are power and tech upgrades galore. Larger front brake rotors and a six-speed manual transmission are now standard. The seven-speed PDK automatic, which costs an extra $3420, gives two-pedal owners better control, improved acceleration, higher cruising mileage, and a launch mode for smoking the rear tires.

The base Boxster and Cayman receive power and displacement bumps, while S-model engines clear the 300-hp hurdle for the first time thanks to direct fuel injection, a higher compression ratio, lighter moving parts, and reduced friction. The 3.4-liter flat six’s redline has been raised to 7400 rpm.

Willow provided an excellent refresher about why we love Boxsters old and new. They’re light on their feet, impeccably balanced, and easy to drive to and through the limits of adhesion. Compared with their big brothers (911s), the steering is more communicative and the tail is less likely to pass you by when control is relinquished to Sir Isaac Newton. A new limited-slip differential working in conjunction with revised suspension calibrations enables heavier corner-exit throttle tromping without wobble or wheel spin.

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Source: Automobile Mag