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VW: BlueMotionTechnologies brand launched for fuel-efficient, low-emission cars

VW has launched the BlueMotionTechnologies brand for their upcoming fuel-efficient, low-emission cars.

It houses all of Volkswagen’s best eco-friendly tech. It currently includes a new start-stop system, regenerative braking, SCR catalytic converter and the NOx storage catalytic converter.

But unlike the Polo and the Passat, the concept behind the newly branded BlueMotionTechnologies is not limited to diesel engines. In fact, it won’t be defined by a single set of technologies at all; it will evolve.

Alongside the BlueMotionTech launch, VW has also announced a new set of “principles for the sustainable development and production of its models.” These new tenets are:

* Reducing the fuel consumption of its vehicles and lowering greenhouse gas emissions.
* Resource efficiency and resource conservation: recyclability and the use of renewable and secondary raw materials. Moreover, alternative powertrain technologies will be developed and the use of alternative fuels and other energy storage systems.
* Health protection: focus is on exhaust emissions and interior emissions as well as reducing exterior and interior noise levels.

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Source: Gas 2.0