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VW Golf VII: 7th generation gets into shape

According to AutoExpress VW is already working on the 7th iteration of the VW Golf. Have a look! Very nice.

it’s time to face the future at Volkswagen! The MkVI Golf has only just gone on sale, but the firm is already working on its replacement, due in 2012 – two years sooner than anticipated.

Our illustrations show how the MkVII is likely to look. And as usual with VW’s most important model, the styling is evolutionary.

But it’s under the skin where this model plans to break new ground – leading the way in how cars of the future will be made.

Reports suggest the MkVII will differ so radically from its predecessor that it bears comparison to the giant leap Ford made from the Escort to the Focus in 1998.

Bucking the trend for ever-increasing dimensions and kerbweights, the newcomer will rely on a smaller platform than the current car, with many components borrowed from the forthcoming Polo. Lightweight body panels will reduce weight, so similar performance can be achieved from smaller-capacity forced-induction engines. And diesels are expected to make up an even bigger percentage of sales than at present.

VW’s highly efficient twin-clutch DSG gearbox will be offered across the range as well, while advances in its resilience mean high-powered versions such as the GTI will benefit from seven ratios instead of six for the first time.


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Source: Auto Express