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VW Touareg Hybrid: Coming in 2010!

VW Touareg Hybrid
VW has announced that the VW Touareg Hybrid will hit the streets in 2010.

Using the Touareg as its entry platform for the technology, VW has mated an electric powertrain with its V6 TSI petrol engine and a new eight-speed automatic transmission to provide the SUV with a 333hp (248kW) output and 26mpg (9L/100km) fuel-economy.

The Touareg’s hybrid system features a 52hp electric motor and eight-speed auto
The Touareg V6 TSI Hybrid is scheduled to go into production next year and is tipped to be the world’s first hybrid to have a 3.5 metric ton towing capacity. The parallel hybrid system’s electric motor is rated at 52hp (38kW) and will enable the vehicle to travel up to 50km/h on electric power alone. In boosting mode – where maximum torque and power are required, the V6 TSI engine and the electric motor operate together (by kickdown or gearshift selector in “S” position). Under these conditions, a temporary maximum power of 374hp (275kW) is available with a maximum torque of 406lb-ft (550Nm).

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Source: Motor Authority