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Audi A6: Shining against German rivals

Audi A6
Nice review here of the new Audi A6.

Subjectively, the new cars are even better-looking; the new engines more powerful but less thirsty (Audi says down by an average of 15 percent across the range), the driving experience up a notch and the suspension “more refined” and the cabin “more user-friendly”.

The best of the new A6 range (barring the RS6) is the 3.0 TFSI with its new supercharged (yes, it’s still badged ‘T’ for turbo, but now uses supercharging) V6. The 2995cc unit has a mechanical supercharger with two intercoolers to produce 213kW from 4850-6800rpm and 420Nm from 2500-4850rpm.

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