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Audi RS5: Spy shots from Nurburgring!

Audi RS5
The Audi RS5 has been spotted on the Ring! Make sure to check out.

The standard RS fascia we’ve seen before is still present, but it’s joined by a beefier rear bumper, RS-specific dual oval exhaust outlets and slightly flared fenders. The brakes have grown in proportion to the wheels, filling the inside of the 20-inch lightweight rollers with a minimal amount of clearance, while inside, a set of aftermarket Recaros have been fitted for prototype duty.

Details on the RS5’s powertrain are still unknown, but after a spy video surfaced last year, the accompanying soundtrack hinted at a V10 powerplant. We suspect Audi will adapt the RS6’s twin-turbocharged, 580 hp 5.2-liter V10 for duty in the RS5, although it’s likely to be de-tuned for the coupe.

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Source: Autoblog