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Audi S6: Comparison against BMW M5, Audi S6 wins

Audi S6
Nice and true comparison of the Audi S6 against the BMW M5.

I spent most of dinner studying the car and decided that I absolutely love the exterior design of the car. Oddly enough, by the end of dinner, I’d decided I liked the C6-platformed S6 even more so than the current E60 M5.

For my money, I can’t rationalize an M5 when I know there’s a perfectly capable, more attractive and likely more useable V10 sedan out there than can go about it’s business with nobody none the wiser. The S6 just carries with it so much more presence and handsome looks over the M5 while still satisfying the driver – for me, the design is as important as the performance, a balancing act that the S6 has yet to be rivaled on.

I must say, by the end of dinner, I was disappointed to find myself at the valet stand getting into an BMW E60 5 series instead of a Phantom Black S6.

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Source: 4RingBlog