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Audi: Telling the driver how to save fuel

Audi fuel saving tips
In a soon to be released Audi you will find this cool fuel saving tips. Make sure to check!

Technology due here in an Audiearly next year monitors driver behaviour and offers advice to cut fuel use, in turn reducing emissions of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. It includes tips on the best gear to be in, not putting your foot on the clutch too early, and not using the accelerator when starting the car.

The car also alerts the driver to how much air-conditioning, seat heaters and window demisters add to fuel consumption.

The technology is only available on the most efficient Audi models, the first of which will go on sale here next year, but it can be adapted to any vehicle.

But Audi admits the technology has the potential to infuriate drivers who would prefer to be left alone.

“It’s a very new technology and we’re not sure how the customers will react,” said an Audi technical development engineer, Thomas Kamla. “We are not trying to be schoolmasters. It gives you hints and tips about your driving style, so it could be a bit dangerous [in how some people accept such advice].”

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Source: Drive