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Bentley Continental GT Speed: Awesome mod by Mansory

Bentley Continental GT Speed
Mansory did some awesome modding of the already great Bentley Continental GT Speed. Have a look!

Custom front and rear aprons join the sideskirts together, aiding airflow over the car’s silhouette and thus improving the handling by increasing downforce. A new rear lip mounted to the boot lid adds even more downforce into the mix, not that the 2,400kg behemoth needed any more convincing to stay on the ground.

Under the hood, Mansory has tinkered with the GT Speed’s 6.0L force-fed W12 engine and lifted power to 685hp (511kW) from the GT Speed’s original figure of 610hp (455kW). The rise in power comes from a new exhaust system with four angular chrome tailpipes, giving the rear of the car a sportier appearance. Meanwhile, a new sports air filter and adjustments to the ECU result in 656lb-ft (890Nm) of torque – almost 111lb-ft (150Nm) more than the original. Together, these modifications are said to help the GT Speed reach a new top speed of around 216mph.

Bentley Continental GT Speed

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Source: Motor Authority