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Bentley Continental GTC Speed: Review

Bentley Continental GTC Speed
Nice review here of one of the hottest convertibles on earth, the Bentley Continental GTC Speed.

The Bentley Continental GTC met that demand: it’s the benchmark luxury cruising machine and it does look the part, particularly with the roof down.

So, that’s alright then – let’s kick back and light up a cigar.

Well no, hold fast with that big, fat Cuban because there’s the ‘Speed’ range to consider. This time around Continental GTC Speed gets the upgrade completing a triumvirate of hotted-up Continentals designed to appeal to the younger market – the four-door and the coupe have already been ‘Speeded’ up to great effect.

It’ll set you back £153,400, which is about £17,000 more than the ‘standard’ model.

There’s plenty of gubbins to justify the extra expense though: a lighter, more powerful engine, uprated chassis, dynamic stability control allowing for a bit of slippage, new fixed front and rear spoilers, 20″ alloys, wider twin exhaust pipes, a lower ride height, revised anti rollbar and damper settings and some extra detailing in the interior.

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Source: 4Car