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VW Golf GTI BlueMotion: Foundation for green sports cars?

VW Golf GTI BlueMotion
Street word has it that VW is working to bring green and sporty models like the VW BlueSport concept soon.

We reckon it’s got a 90 per cent chance of making production – VW need it to prove that, as Hackenburg put it, “we can make a connection between fun, performance and low consumption”.

Expect its way to be paved by a Scirocco Bluesport as well as a eco-minded Golf GTI. However, don’t get too despondent. VW is also known to be working on hotter R models of both. The Scirocco R20T concept has already been shown and a replacement for the Golf R32 is certain. However, it may well not have a V6: “what we are able to do is to make a Golf with the same performance but a smaller engine, which is anyway better for handling” Hackenburg told us.

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Source: Evo