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VW Golf GTI: First drive review

Interesting review here of the new VW Golf GTI.

The new GTI makes 210 hp at 5300 rpm, produced by a turbocharged direct-injection 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that is significantly tweaked from its predecessor. In fact, VW now speaks of it as a new engine generation. Maximum torque is 207 lb-ft, available over a wide plateau from 1700 to 5200 rpm. The previous GTI made 200 hp and the same 207 lb-ft, although peak torque occurred over a narrower band from 1800 to 5000 rpm.

The increase in power translates into impressive street performance. Zero to 62 mph takes 6.9 seconds; top speed is a drag-limited 149 mph. Still, the GTI gets 32 mpg combined in the European cycle, and fuel economy creeping toward 30 mpg is entirely realistic even for passionate drivers.

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Source: Car and Driver