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VW Golf GTI: The Rabbit is dead!

VW is going to kill the Rabbit nameplate for the next VW Golf GTI.

In hindsight, the Golf MkV—a.k.a. Rabbit—did not multiply quite as successfully as VW hoped three years ago, and in fact it will most likely go down in history as the shortest-lived generation of the model ever. So it’s no wonder VW has now decided in favor of another name change, ditching the Rabbit moniker for a second time. “The car will be called the Golf again in North America,” Jochen Sengpiehl, executive director of Volkswagen marketing, told us as an aside at the international GTI launch in St. Tropez, France, thus ending a mystery that has kept internet forums and chat rooms busy ever since the Golf MkVI was launched last summer.

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Source: Car and Driver