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VW Passat CC: Behind the wheel report

VW Passat CC
We found a very nice behind the wheel report with the VW Passat CC.

VW’s stylish snow bunny held more surprises for me.

When it was introduced at the 2008 Detroit auto show, I shrugged. The CC is an offshoot of the Passat after all (and it is sold as the Passat CC in other markets), a family car that in current form is a midpack player. And as yet another four-door trying to disguise its sedan roots under an arching coupelike roof — a ruse that Mercedes-Benz executes brilliantly with the CLS — the CC concept seemed to give off a whiff of a premium-label knockoff.

But there’s nothing I love more than a car that throws a 100-mile-an-hour strike past my own misconceptions.

Fortunately, the CC delivers handsomely on its promise of autobahn breeding. It’s the kind of car that shows VW at its best, a model that feels special compared with its Asian competition yet still costs less than an Audi, Benz or BMW. It’s a sweet spot in the market that VW had ceded in recent years.

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Source: New York Times