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Audi Q5: Expert reviews!

Audi Q5
Here are some expert reviews of the Audi Q5 which result in a total rating of 9.0/10.0. Enjoy!

Audi’s Q5 is a somewhat late entrant into a booming and competitive premium compact SUV segment, but it has the looks and the moves to dominate. As we’ll see, the Q5 could be Audi’s most successful U.S. offering yet.

The toughest segment manufacturers can waltz into right now is probably the “compact luxury crossover” class — in English, these are small SUVs built on a car chassis. Think of the paradoxical demands they must meet: luxurious but sporting, capable off-road but pleasant on the highway. They must get decent gas mileage but tow trailers, and they should be able to carry tons of stuff, but still be small. Yet with handsome looks, a slick interior and sedan-like handling, the Audi Q5 may be the best balance yet.

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Source: MSN Autos