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Audi Q7 3.0 TDI: Available this month at US dealers

Audi Q7 3.0 TDI
The new Audi Q7 TDI clean diesel makes its U.S. debut at your local dealer this month.

1. Audi TDI brings a new era to the USA.
Hybrid-level efficiency without its disadvantages: Audi TDI means enjoying a new kind of driving pleasure with a clear conscience. It combines efficiency with sportiness and superior luxury, all while protecting valuable resources.

2. Audi TDI is the perfect system for auto enthusiasts.
Audi is a synonym for premium automobiles with progressive design and progressive technology. TDI means both imposing performance and dynamic strength. Every Audi TDI offers the driving fun and sense of quality that real auto fans love.

* TDI is propulsive power: The greatest strength of all Audi TDIs is their immense torque. Their propulsive power makes these diesels clearly superior to all comparable gasoline engines. Moreover, their power is available at extremely low RPMs, even just above idling–a gentle but forceful thrust available as soon as the driver just gently strokes the gas pedal.
* TDI is comfort: The result of extensive development work by Audi acousticians, the modern direct-injection diesel engines are so quiet that passengers hardly hear them.
* TDI is efficiency and cleanliness: Thanks to the excellent fuel consumption and emission values, the TDI offers driving fun with a clear conscience.

3. Audi TDI is the perfect system for the USA.

* The confidently relaxed nature of the TDI allows both calm cruising and confident acceleration.
* Audi TDI proves its efficiency in every driving situation, in city traffic and especially for long-haul and back-country driving.
* With its powerful design, the TDI is perfectly suitable for towing: even with heavy loads it retains its fuel consumption advantage.
* With its great range, the TDI doesn’t have to fill up very often– a substantial convenience compared to hybrids. The Audi Q7 3.0 TDI has the biggest range of all its competitors. Driving 12,000 miles at average performance, the Audi Q7 3.0 TDI would need to fuel less than 20 times, while a Lexus RX 400 h would need 27 fill-ups.

4. Audi TDI combines sportiness, driving pleasure, efficiency and environmental awareness.
Audi is the sportiest premium brand. Every Audi model combines progressive design and advanced technology with dynamism, high quality and relaxed comfort. The efficiency and cleanliness of the TDI system are simply incomparable.

5. TDI is the world’s most successful efficiency technology.
Since day one, the three letters TDI have been accepted as a synonym for confident power and maximum efficiency. TDI technology has set the pace for the whole auto industry– worldwide, there are tens of millions of vehicles with direct-injection diesel engines. No other engine system has been able to beat direct-injector diesels in delivering power and efficiency.

In actual customer operation, fuel consumption by TDI vehicles is as much as 40 percent less that of comparable vehicles using the gasoline engines regularly used in North America.

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Source: Audi