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Audi RS5, Audi RS4: New intel! No RS4 sedan for US!

Audi RS5, Audi RS4
We have found new intel on the upcoming Audi RS5 and Audi RS4. A must read!

Audi RS5:
Based on what we’ve seen and what we’ve been able to confirm with sources at Audi, we think we’ve dialed in closely on the look of the RS 5. These renderings use the same design elements lifted from images of the test mules to dictate the nose whereas earlier Fourtitude CGIs and the highly convincing RS 5 vs. M3 photoshops printed by CAR Magazine utilized the now-aging nose of the RS 6. So the snout will look considerably closer to that of the TT RS, but Audi Design tells us the RS 5 will most definitely make use of the Ur quattro-inspired blister fenders seen on the RS 6 – a perfect match to the S5’s coupe stature.

The rest of the look in our CGI is textbook RS equipment at this point. The honeycomb bar-less grille, RS-style split 5-spoke wheels, satin aluminum mirror housings and the optional Titanium pack are all integrated into our RS 5 rendering. Audi tends to be very consistent in their S and RS design language application, so it is our guess that these should be quite close to production.

Audi RS4:
With a V8 S5 selling alongside a 3.0T S4 in the USA in 2010, the idea of a normally-aspirated high-rev V8 RS 5 and a twin turbo V6 RS 4 seemed intriguing to us. We posed the question to Audi AG engine czar Wolfgang Hatz and he said that the business case isn’t there for multiple B-level RS engines… even prior to the economic meltdown. Even though a twin turbo V6 project began during the development of the B7 RS 4 and it was again examined during the gestation of the S4, the RS 4 must share its engine and drivetrain in order to make a business case.

More interesting on the RS 4 is that it returns to the example set by the B4 RS 2 and B5 RS 4 to be sold as an Avant only. Sources tell Fourtitude that the RS 4 sedan was done to meet U.S. demand. Without North American planned inventory, an RS 4 sedan fails to make a case for itself.

Audi RS5, Audi RS4

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Source: Fourtitude