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Bentley Continental Supersports: Live pictures from New York Auto Show

Bentley Continental Supersports
Here are some live impressions of the Bentley Continental Supersports from the New York Auto Show.

Key aspects of the new Continental Supersports include:

• 6-liter W12 twin-turbocharged engine now produces 621bhp and 590 lb ft of torque
• 0 – 60 mph in 3.7 seconds / 0 -100 mph in 8.9 seconds
• Top speed of 204 mph
• Capable of running on gasoline and E85 biofuel or any combination of the two
• Offers a reduction in CO2 emissions of up to 70% (well-to-wheel), a measure of a fuel’s net contribution to the atmosphere, not just tailpipe emissions
• Revised transmission with ‘Quickshift’ system that cuts shift times by 50% and enables double downshifts
• Standard-fit carbon-ceramic brakes – the largest and most powerful brakes ever fitted to a production car
• 243 lb weight saving compared to Continental GT Speed
• Unique driver-focused, two-seater cabin with rear seats replaced by stowage deck with carbon fiber luggage retaining beam
• New flared rear wings that accommodate the 2 inch wider rear track

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Source: Jalopnik