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Porsche 914: Celebrating its 40th anniversary

Porsche 914
Porsche is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Porsche 914.

It was a quiet day in 1969 when Porsche first had the idea to build a low-cost mid-engined sports car, something that could sit below the famous 911 but still be sporty enough for discerning drivers. It was this simple idea that led to the creation of two cars that helped push Porsche to become the company that it is now – the Porsche 914 and the Porsche 914/6.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the 914’s inception, Porsche will be displaying an ultra rare Porsche 914/8 with a 300hp (225kW) eight-cylinder racing engine once owned by Ferdinand Porsche himself. With only two of these cars ever built, it is one of the rarest Porsche’s on the planet.

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Source: Motor Authority