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Porsche Carrera GT: Dissected!

Porsche Carrera GT
Have a look at this rare view on a Porsche Carrera GT and learn how a supercar is constructed. Awesome!

The carbon fiber monocoque tub and related sub-frame were developments from the 911 GT1 motorsports program and helped pave the way for future exotics like the Enzo Ferrari. Besides the obvious racing-inspired technology, the chassis also benefited from the use of carbon fiber by being stronger, lighter and more safe; ultimately providing the driver with more direct chassis feedback and a more exciting driving experience.

Porsche engineers used a development of the 911 GT1 suspension system in creating the Carrera GT, giving split second response and confidence-inspiring behavior. The CGT utilizes pushrod suspension with double track control arms with coilovers operated by stainless steel pushrods and pivot levers, separating the suspension guidance from the spring action. This system is attached directly to the carbon fiber monocoque chassis for intensely detailed driver feedback. Negative acceleration is provided by the Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake (PCCB) system with cross-drilled 14.96 inch discs at all four corners.

Porsche Carrera GT

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Source: Jalopnik