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Porsche Panamera: Coming soon with V6 and Hybrid option

Porsche Panamera
No big news here for regular readers, but a nice confirmation that the Porsche Panamera is coming soon also with V6 and hybrid option.

Currently, Porsche has a Cayenne SUV prototype that uses a 3.0L V6 hybrid engine sourced from Audi, and it wouldn’t be surprising if this engine found its way into the Panamera for the more environmentally conscious Porsche buyers out there.

Porsche purists may balk at the idea, but there is also expected to be a conventional V6 engine for the new Panamera – in other words, Porsche’s famed flat-six won’t likely be making an appearance in the new four-seater model.

A V6-engined variant will certainly bring down the cost of the cheapest Porsche Panamera, which for now resides with the Panamera S that starts at a little under $90,000. Assuming a petrol-powered V6 becomes the entry-level model, with conventional suspension rather than Porsche’s air suspension system, we could see the Panamera drop a large amount of that $90,000 price tag.

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Source: Motor Authority