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VW Golf GTI: Review

Nice review here of the new VW Golf GTI.

And so, despite disappointing sales of the last, fifth-generation GTI, the Wolfsburg crew has developed Number Six. Gott sei Dank.

That means “Thank God” in German, and it’s exactly the phrase you’ll sigh the moment you start driving the 2010 GTI. Whether it’s God or Volkswagen’s engineers who need to be thanked depends on your own religious beliefs, but the prayers of devout worshippers at the church of GTI have been answered.

Output is unchanged at 200 hp and 207 lb-ft of torque (European-market GTIs get 10 more hp), and the 2.0T is bolted to either a light-effort six-speed manual or the divine DSG dual-clutch automatic. A resonance tube carries induction growl into the cabin when the engine is under load, but the powerplant fades away, acoustically, when cruising. Despite a slightly diesel-like coarseness just off idle, the 2.0T remains one of the most well-mannered four-cylinders on the road.

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Source: Automobile Mag