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VW Scirocco: Coming to South Africa

VW Scirocco
US readers will be puzzled to hear that the VW Scirocco will find its way to South Africa.

If you’re looking at buying a Golf GTI (the new one will be here soon) then go check out the Scirocco 2.0 TSI with its DSG gearbox – the model I drove at the launch. It sits on Golf underpinnings and its two-litre turbo engine come from the same family; it and the Golf’s power outputs are almost the same but the Scirocco will be faster on the track because of its lower centre of gravity and different suspension.

It’s also individual with much sexier sports-car looks, four-adults capacity and semi-station wagon capability though VW SA reckons there will be little crossover buying because the four-door GTI is a favourite with young families. The Scirocco has only two doors; access to the rear requires a squeeze past the fold-forward backs of the front seats, but it’s child-friendly with IsoFix seat anchors back there.

VWSA concedes that the Scirocco is very much a niche car, though one for drivers who require high performance and impeccable handing from their car. Why, then, does the Scirocco have such appalling torque steer under hard overtaking acceleration? – I was doing nothing but overtaking a couple of trucks and my driving partner at the launch thought I was sawing at the steering for fun.

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