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VW Scirocco GT24: To race 24h on CNG natural gas

VW Scirocco GT24
The VW Scirocco GT24 is going to race the 24h Nurburgring race on CNG natural gas.

Volkswagen will field two Sciroccos powered by natural gas in the Nurburgring 24-Hour race over May 23/24.

After becoming the first automaker to win the
Dakar rally with a diesel in January VW is now tackling another challenge – racing twice around the clock using EcoFuel on the world’s most demanding circuit.

Each Scirocco GT24-CNG has a two-litre turbo engine powered by natural gas and delivering nearly 220kW. The factory team will also run three more Sciroccos with two-litre turbo petrol engines in the classic endurance race.

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