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VW Scirocco: Not coming to the US!

VW Scirocco
It’s now official, the VW Scirocco will not make it to the US.

Word leaked late last week via an official-looking dealer communiqué that Volkswagen had finally decided to pass on bringing the Scirocco to the U.S., but to the best of our knowledge, nobody has gotten first-hand confirmation that the sporty hatchback will not make it across The Pond – until now.

We just got off the phone with Tom Wegehaupt, Volkswagen’ of America’s public relations coordinator, and he has given us an on-the-record confirmation that the car will not be coming to the U.S. Apparently, the business case just couldn’t be made for the car, what with fears of the model cannibalizing sales of the forthcoming GTI and the health of the auto market.

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Source: Autoblog