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Audi A5: Weekend review

Audi A5
Very nice weekend review here of the Audi A5.

Picking up the A5 at the airport and jumping into the leather and suede seats after sitting on a coast-to-coast red-eye flight was a surprisingly good feeling… for a seat to be supportive and comfortable is all you can ask for, and Audi makes that happen here. Once fully inside the cabin, key fob in pocket and push-button start effectively pushed, it was time to head out on the highway – looking for adventure so to speak (someone should use that line in a song perhaps).

The local crowd’s staring eyes glowed with the same intensity as the LED daytime running lights of the A5. To be honest, I was a bit shocked with the amount of “ooh-look-at-that points” and “wow-that-is-cool stares” since this car is not new anymore. But it is just that good looking.

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Source: Nadaguides