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Audi A6: It just feels right

Audi A6
Nice review here of the Audi A6 from South Africa. Their say: “It just feels right”.

Like a pair of hand-made shoes or a tailored suit, Audi’s new A6 Quattro S-Line fits beautifully. There are no startling innovations or apparent leaps in design. The whole car just feels right.

I had been driving the A6 for a few days before it struck me that from the moment I was first handed the keys I simply plonked myself in front of the steering wheel and drove off every time I had to use the car.

Usually my time in test cars is spent re-adjusting seats, mirrors or otherwise my attention is distracted by a quirky speedometer or some redundant display telling me that, yes, all four wheels are in contact with the tar. Things I don’t need to know or care about.

So when it came to the Audi A6 it quickly became apparent how much creative energy went into making this an almost perfect package.

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