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Audi A8: More intel on recently spotted test mule!

Audi A8
We have more intel for you on the recently spotted test mule of the next-generation Audi A8. Make sure to check!

The phrase ‘keep your eyes on the road’ could soon become a thing of the past… as these dramatic pictures are the first evidence that Audi is set to stun the world with a car capable of driving itself!

According to our spies, this prototype A8 has been fitted with three video cameras, designed to scan the road for potential hazards. Two are mounted where the foglights would usually be, and one is attached to the rear view mirror. Images from these cameras are then fed into a computer, which plots the direction and proximity of nearby objects.

When the set-up is fully functioning, it’s thought this information could be used to help the car avoid accidents, or even steer it down a winding road.

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Source: Auto Express