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Audi E1: First artist’s impressions

Audi E1
Have a look how the Audi E1 might look like when it hits the roads in 2011. Great little car!

This is the E1 – an ultra-efficient city car from the German firm and a model which is being hailed as a spiritual successor to Alec Issigonis’ masterpiece.

Sharing its platform with VW’s forthcoming up!, the newcomer takes Audi firmly into new territory. It’s designed to sit below the Polo-based A1 – due next year – as the entry point into its model line-up, and is aimed at the likes of the new Fiat Topolino and MINI Spirit (revealed in Issue 1,056). Signifying the launch of a new wave of hi-tech Audis, the E1 goes on sale in 2011 and will be the first car from the company to wear the ‘E’ tag.

It will be closely followed by a full range of E-badged models over the next five years. And with a hybrid version of the A1 due shortly after the standard supermini’s 2010 launch, Audi is clearly readying itself for an assault on the eco-friendly small-car market.

However, despite its diminutive size, the E1 will remain a premium product that fits in with the brand. Although its proportions are reminiscent of those of the VW up!, the familiar mesh-styled grille, short overhangs and huge front badge make the electric three-door instantly recognisable as an Audi. Futuristic front and rear LED light clusters, large alloys and a sharply rising waistline that meets a neatly kicked-up C-pillar complete the E1’s look.

Audi E1

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Source: Auto Express